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US military to shoot down consumer drones – BBC News

The Pentagon has given US military bases permission to shoot down or otherwise destroy consumer drones flying overhead and nearby.A spokesman revealed that guidance was issued on 4 August.He said the exact terms of the policy were classified.The move comes days after the US Army ordered its own troops to stop using drones made by Chinese manufacturer DJI because of …

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Podcast patent ruled invalid by court – BBC News

A company that charged others for uploading video and audio content on to their own websites has had its podcast patent invalidated by a US court.The Electronic Frontiers Foundation (EFF) argued that Personal Audio LCC had “not invented anything new” when it acquired the patent in 2012.The practice of buying patents in order to make money out of popular unpatented …

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Facebook’s app for under-21s Lifestage flops – BBC News

Facebook has killed off a video-focused app targeted at under-21s less than a year after it was launched.Lifestage was designed to connect students going to the same school or university, making all of their posts available to each other.But it faced criticism for having limited privacy controls and a “confusing” user interface.The firm told Business Insider it had “learned a …

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