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Still photographs spring to life

New software makes it possible to breathe life into still photo portraits.The project was developed in Israel with the help of a leading social network.It has the potential to become the net’s next viral hit, but also has more serious long-term uses, as one of its creators explains. Powered by WPeMatico

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YouTube star attacks site’s leaders

One of YouTube’s most influential vloggers has attacked the service’s leaders, claiming they are failing many of their most popular video creators.Specifically, Casey Neistat criticised the way the platform had made it impossible for some videos to generate advertising revenue, without clearly explaining the rules to its community.One of his own videos – an interview with Indonesia’s president – was …

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Twitter battles hate and upskirt images

Twitter is planning to impose new restrictions on pornographic and hateful imagery as part of a renewed effort to tackle abuse on its social network.The US company has also said it intends to review user complaints more quickly.The efforts are outlined in a leaked email from the company’s head of safety, which was published by Wired.But one UK charity has …

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