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GoPro launches 360-degree camera

Action camera specialist GoPro has announced its first model to take 360-degree videos and photos.The Fusion also features built-in image stabilisation, spatial audio capture and can be used underwater.The US company is in need of a hit product – it posted a net loss for each of its past seven financial quarters creating a total deficit of $506m (£376m).However, it …

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HSBC app will ‘nudge’ over-spenders

HSBC UK is testing a new smartphone app that will help people track what they spend money on, and will “nudge” them if they exceed their spending limits.Customers will also be able to add accounts from 21 rivals including Lloyds and NatWest, to keep track of all their balances in one app.The app will be trialled with 10,000 customers before …

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IPhone X uses ‘black box’ anti-spoof tech

Even Apple will not be able to explain how its forthcoming iPhone X can spot some efforts to fool its facial recognition system.The firm has released a guide to the Face ID system, which explains that it relies on two types of neural networks – one of which has been specifically trained to resist spoofing attempts. But a consequence of …

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