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Nokia 8 smartphone takes ‘bothie’ videos – BBC News

The latest Nokia smartphone aims to popularise the idea of filming “bothies”.The device can capture video from both its front and rear-facing cameras at the same time, and broadcast the images side-by-side to YouTube and other livestreaming services.The aluminium-shelled Nokia 8 costs about 600 euros ($703; £547).The BBC’s technology correspondent Rory Cellan-Jones asked whether it is distinctive enough to stand …

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Game of Thrones struck by fresh leak – BBC News

Game of Thrones’s next episode has been pirated and shared online in the latest leak to hit the fantasy TV series.However, this time, the source of the leak was not hackers or thieves, but rather the show being mistakenly released on to its broadcaster’s streaming platform too early.The episode, titled Death is the Enemy, has since been withdrawn, but not …

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App iTrump wins trademark fight against Trump Organization – BBC News

An app developer appears to have prevailed in a long-running trademark war against the US president’s business operation.The creator of iTrump first clashed with the Trump Organization in January 2011, when the billionaire’s lawyers alleged the trumpet simulator’s name falsely suggested a link to the tycoon.After defeating this claim, the developer then went on the attack.And this resulted in the …

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